Whether it’s an antique, thrift store find or simply a family favorite, reupholstery is a terrific way to keep a beloved piece of furniture in your life. It’s also a great way to get the look you want in a room, without being limited to what’s available in a store. With literally thousands of fabrics to choose from, you can get a piece you’ll love for years to come. Cedar Island can also repair broken furniture and keep it in usable condition.

A thrift store find redone with simple fabric and decorative nailing.

An old chair redone in metallic vinyl is sure to become a conversation piece – but a comfortable one.

Details – like pattern matching – matter.

A favorite sofa gets updated fabric and many more years of life.

A sleek mid-century modern chair.

A mid-century modern rocker and ottoman.

A mid-century modern leather recliner.

A mid-century modern chair with crisp, simple lines.

Another old piece reupholstered and given a fresh lease on life.

Dining chairs – in white. Brave owners.

Another thrift store rescue made usable again.

Go ahead, get a whole room done to match.

Arm chair - after upholstery

This 1990s era arm chair looks fresh and modern with a new upholstery job.

mid-century modern chair with arms

Another mid-century modern piece.